Project: Acheron - Unity FPS

A demonstration level constructed to showcase all the scripted gameplay mechanics. This was the final deliverable for the class.

A short showcase of the alpha version of the weapons and character controller. No art or sound had been added at this point in development.

Project: Acheron - Unity FPS

Project: Acheron is the culmination of a year-long effort to create a scratch built First Person Shooter in the Unity Game Engine. This project started as a class assignment to learn about using Raycasts within Unity and has developed into a midterm and final project for a scripting class at the Academy of Art University.

Project: Acheron is heavily inspired by older FPS titles such as Red Faction, Doom 3, Quake 4, Halo, Pariah and Unreal games. It's meant to evoke similar feelings as many of those games with a focus on fun shooter combat as the player steps into the role of a classic "one-man army" character.

The level showcased above, which was built for demonstration as the class' turn-in, is meant to be the third level in a larger FPS game. For the sake of showcasing all functionality built all the weapons were enabled though in a real game only some would be unlocked at this point. While I continued to work on the project after the class finished, I have currently moved the project over to using Unreal Engine 5.